Your online business growth starts with the right lead magnet.

Your success continues with the right project execution.

The strategic Lead Magnet Project will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Determine Your Best Email List Building Strategy
  • Create a Winning Professional Lead Magnet 
  • Write Effective Copy for Your Opt-in Form, Web Page, or Advertisement
  • Integrate, Test, and Deliver the Lead Magnet with Your Email Marketing Service 
  • Strategically Connect Your Lead Magnet to Your (Current or Planned) Product / Service Through Your Own Professionally-Crafted Email Marketing 
  • Grow Your Email List and Business with a Relevant Target Audience

In the Lead Magnet Project, you'll be guided by Brent Peterson, a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) specializing in web design and online lead generation strategies.

  • Stay organized and engaged through an exclusive Teamwork Projects user account - included FREE for all Lead Magnet Project participants (see product video on this page for a demo of this professional software). 
  • Receive written or video instructions for each strategic and technical project task outlined in a logical sequence.
  • Post your questions or feedback directly within any task and reference other organized discussion threads available to all project participants.
  • Build professional relationships with other entrepreneurs sharing the same lead generation journey with you.

Plus, when you are ready, showcase your professonal lead magnet information for FREE on the Graceful Resources Lead Magnet Examples page

Virtual Learning

Dive in to the project from your computer or mobile device (download the FREE Teamwork Projects app for your Apple or Android phone).

Strategic Direction

Receive strategic direction for your business through an interactive professionally-managed project designed for entrepreneurs. 

Interactive Experience

Engage directly with the project team plus other entrepreneurs around the world who are here to support you and guide you along.

"Do NOT take this lightly. I choose my words VERY carefully...

As a client, I am a pain in the ass. It’s okay. I know. I want the platinum service with the (better-than-mom-got) friends & family discount. I want done-for-me service but I want it with the (hold-my-hand) explanation tutorial. 

I procrastinate until the eleventh hour while I expect perfect completion — twenty minutes ago. I want it to look like Steven Spielberg and Senator Elizabeth Warren produced it. I am a misguided perfectionist and I ask for the wrong thing — every time. I talk too much and I have no idea what I’m talking about. 

My biggest problem? Me. 

My hands-down, #1, all-time best solution, ever?

 Brent Peterson with Graceful Resources

Brent stays exactly 187 steps ahead of me at all times. Not only does he KNOW his business, he’s learned MINE. Not only does he DO the work well, he’s learned to speak neanderthal so I can understand what the (bleep) he’s talking about. 

The man is a genius. Not because he’s a reliable professional (although he is). Not because he’s timely, diligent, or well-trained and uber experienced in his craft (although he is). But because — without question — he cares.

 I fancy myself a customer-service oriented professional…but Brent has me beat…by a full kilometer (and quite frankly, I’m not really all that confident I know how far that is, but I’m sure we could ask him. And he would tell us. Or find out. Under budget and within the hour. And explain it to us in good ol’ plain speak we’ll be able to comprehend.) 

In all seriousness, Brent is the best thing I’ve done to take my business to the next level. By a lot. Study theory and nerd-industry best-practice all you want. But when you’re ready for implementation, make sure Brent Peterson is in your corner setting it up, calling the plays, and working crazy sh!t you never even heard of to get it right. 

His motto should be, “I make YOU look good. And that’s saying a lot!” 

Evan Michael Zislis, Best Selling Author, ClutterFree Revolution

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an extra incentive to inspire someone to join your email mailing list. In essence, it is a form of exchange. You gain someone’s contact information (e.g. email address) and the other person receives your lead magnet - click here for an example.

A professional lead magnet will: 

  • Attract the right leads to your business. 
  • Grow your online business automatically. 
  • Give you time back for your family and friends.

Lead Magnet Project FAQs

Q: Who would benefit from participation in the Lead Magnet Project?

A: The Lead Magnet Project is for any professional with a product or service to share with the world. If you do not yet have a relevant email mailing list or you are frustrated with the opt-in results you have been achieving, this project is a great fit for you.

Q: When does the Lead Magnet Project start?

A: Registration for the project is now open and you can start right away. Click here to benefit from a 25% special project discount and to receive your FREE Guide: The Five Essential Characteristics of a Lead Magnet.

Q: Do you need any technical skills to participate?

A: Participants do not need any web technical or design skills to participate. This project is a great fit for professionals who often feel overwhelmed by the technical side of online entrepreneurship and are stuck taking the next strategic step.  

Q: Do you need a website to go along with a Lead Magnet?

A: Not at all! Lead magnet opt-in sequences can be handling directly through Facebook Lead Ads or landing page software such as Leadpages (in fact, project participants can receive custom designed Leadpages tempates for their own re-use at no extra cost). Participants with websites will be given professional design advice for their opt-in forms as well.

Q: Do you need to have a product or service already available for sale?  

A: Nope! In fact, at the start of the project, you will have an opportunity to complete a personalized and strategic questionnaire to help you get clear on your business vision. A professionally-designed lead magnet is a proven lead generation strategy to build your email list. Your participation in the Lead Magnet Project is a strategic first step whether you have something to sell now or down the road. You'll do great! 

Q: What is the duration of the Lead Magnet Project?

A: The Lead Magnet Project does not have a set duration - as advanced instruction will be added to the project in Teamwork each month. Participants can stay connected the project for as long as they see fit. There are no annual contracts to sign or big online course fees to pay upfront. Leave after one month or stay connected. It's up to you! 

Q: What is the cost to participate in the Lead Magnet Project?

A: The project consultative fee for custom client lead magnet projects starts at $500/month (you are obviously not going to be charged that amount). The cost for the Lead Magnet Project is instead 75% less per month or $125/month. 

Professionals on the email interest list (click here to sign up) also have the opportunity to lock in an additional monthly project discount of 25% leading to a very reasonable cost to participate of $93.75/month. 

Q: Is there a referral (affiliate) program available to participants?  

A: Yes. Do you have friends and customers who would also benefit from the Lead Magnet Project? You'll be rewarded with a generous $50 bonus per referral! You can register for a Graceful Resources affiliate account after you start and who better to recommend the project than actual participants, right? Just two or three referrals per month and you've already covered your own strategic investment.

Q: What happens when you first register for the project?  

A: Once you register via this secure checkout page, you will have the opportunity to complete a strategic online lead generation questionnaire. Upon completion of the personalized and secure questionnaire, you will immediately receive a copy of your responses to guide your next strategic steps. At the same time, your exclusive Teamwork account will be set up.

Q: Can you try out the Lead Magnet Project risk free?  

A: Absolutely. If you determine the Lead Magnet Project is not a good fit for you, simply request a refund within one week of your project registration and account setup. No worries.

What lead magnet works best?

Take his 3-minute survey to discover what type of opt-in incentive (or lead magnet) works best to grow an email list.

The latest results are displayed at the end of the survey.

About Brent Peterson, PMP, MS, MBA

  • Extensive experience with information technology and systems for over twenty years. 
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2005 from the internationally recognized Project Management Institute. 
  • Master of Science (MS) in Information Systems from the University of Virginia. 
  • Recognized as the top MBA student from graduating class at James Madison University. 
  • Diverse experience with best practices and tools for web design, landing pages, product launches, automated lead generation strategies, and email marketing. Click here for a summary of recommended web and email resources in practice.

Your Online Business Growth Starts with the Right Lead Magnet

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